Recruiter’s Weekly Reflection

March 8, 2012

We know what the middle man feels like. So we have to try and tell a client what they think is a self serving message (on our part), which is, there are simply more jobs than people. Just do a search on any job board for Procurement and Senior Logistics or Planning personnel and you’ll see that it’s definitely a candidate driven market. This area is RED HOT. So as a hiring manager, if you want success in your recruitment strategies in the new world, make sure you’re working with a staffing partner who understands how to connect and work with the new breed of candidates – trust me they are hard to find and worth their weight in gold and really worth the fee you pay. And the old world strategy of offering low salaries, squeezing search firms to bridge the gap  and trusting this as a success strategy isn’t a winning combination.

Be keenly aware that in those very high demand verticals there is a huge amount of work that goes into finding the right fit. Recruiting is a really, really demanding job. It’s always so disheartening at the end of a long exhaustive search where there were prearranged engagement details/letters to have a client renege on those terms. For us not to agree to that change in strategy is at the expense of the candidate. So in fact that candidate in essence becomes the weapon of the client and potentially a casualty along the way. Not particularly good relationship building.

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