Director of Purchasing

April 2, 2013

Supply Chain Jobs in Profile #6

Welcome back to Supply Chain Jobs in Profile, our blog series where we go above and beyond routine, cut-and-dried job descriptions to give detailed profiles of some of our most appealing roles.

In a career, you might have many different types of jobs, and that goes doubly so for Procurement, which is a field that’s rapidly changing along with the 21st century economy. A procurement professional usually starts with a position that’s “transactional,” dealing with the day-to-day purchasing and replenishment of goods and services. In time, you’ll move to more strategic roles where you develop skills with negotiation and strategic sourcing. And for great candidates, you get to a certain point where you start to cast around for a manager or director-level role that will really define your career. What’s a job that’s going to let you make your mark on an organization and impact the bottom line? A job that’s a real WOW factor on a resume? You might be more ready for such a role than you think.

Let it be said (it won’t be the first time) that we at Argentus absolutely LOVE filling these meaty senior-level positions. Why? Because we pride ourselves on candidate engagement. We’ve been in the game for quite a while and we love to follow star candidates throughout their careers. Nothing thrills us more than seeing a rock star candidate who’s paid their dues moving to a director-level role. Today, we have one of those opportunities for the right candidate.

Director of Purchasing, Residential Development

We’re looking for a Procurement Director for an established residential construction firm located in Southern Ontario. Our client is a homebuilder with a great track-record of developments across the region. They’re looking for a real procurement leader to oversee their Purchasing Department. This role is a direct report to the company’s SVP. It’s a strategic role where you’ll work to maintain a competitive edge in material and supplier rates. You’ll oversee maintenance and development of a broad base of trades and suppliers. It’s a great opportunity to lead and provide mentorship to a stellar purchasing team, with very attractive compensation.

Commuting distance from Mississauga and Kitchener, this is a great location. Alternatively, if you’re open to relocation it’s an absolutely gem of a place to live. It’s got a vibrant and pleasant downtown core, a friendly atmosphere and exquisite nature nearby, definitely one of Ontario’s jewels. So if you’ve got the Purchasing experience and have worked with residential construction, it’s time to step up to your career-maker role. Give Sam Manna a call today at 416 364 9919 or email him at


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