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March 15, 2013

And doesn’t it just blow your mind to know that it’s estimated that by 2030 50% of the global workforce will be contingent/contract. Seriously! And, we are not talking about traditional temps but really highly skilled professionals who are top of their game. We see it in the news every day. The world is becoming more mobile, more connected, more knowledge-based, and contract staffing is a huge part of that trend.

Chances are someone you work with right now is a professional “super-temp” and that’s by choice – they LOVE the work, they ENJOY THE VARIETY of roles and being in CONTROL of their LIFESTYLE (gosh who gets to write their own ticket about how they run their life) and they love the BUCKS. Because demand from companies for the very best high skilled Professionals, top Knowledge Workers and Executives in Procurement/Strategic Sourcing, Planning, Business Analysis, Change Management, Logistics & Supply Chain and such are multiplying for mid to longer term very strategic, project driven and leading edge contract requirements, the NEW world at work is taking on a very different complexion.

Argentus understands how business is changing – There is a real need and it’s growing, for a more flexible and nimble POWER workforce. We can help YOU “reThink” how YOU manage your career trajectory through these MODERN and EXCITING opportunities in Procurement/Strategic Sourcing & Supply Chain working as a Contingent Professional. Why? Because you are in more demand than ever before. Finally get what IT and Engineering  professionals have been enjoying for years

The Opportunity to Work on a Variety of Top Projects in a Variety of IndustriesIt never gets dull

 Make Fantastic Money Sooner jump pay grades which would often take years to do anywhere else. The average intermediate sole contributor in Strategic Sourcing can make 20% more by moving from an existing permanent role and take advantage of the tax benenfits of being a Incorporated entity.

 Have a Better Work/Life BalanceYou decide when and if you want to step out between contracts for life commitments. Be your own boss

Contract can lead to terrific permanent opportunityIf and when you find a company where you want to choose that option could be available

Contract is a rapidly GROWING segment of the workforce – On a go-forward basis there will be more exciting opportunities in Contract and the competition for permanent roles will widen

Inventory of Contract Jobs in Profile:

Here are 5 Great Strategic Sourcing Opportunities in Financial Services available TODAY

One of our Services clients continues to leverage talent in the Strategic Sourcing space by finding the very best Procurement leaders to augment some of their project based initiatives. A world-class Canadian financial institution with a best of breed Strategic Sourcing Group this is a place Sourcing professionals want to work at – they are top of the top. They’re in charge of a $5 billion annual spend for the organization, and they need great contractors to help nurture and sustain their competitive advantage.

These contracts are a great way to augment your skills and play in the big leagues and get recognized for top level initiatives. They range from 6 months to a year, with a very strong possibility of extension. These positions have diverse and specialized challenges. Here’s a sample of the contract roles we’re working on, with a taste of the responsibilities involved:

Vendor Management Consultant (Montreal) – Support and develop the group’s strategy for Vendor Management, in alignment with the overall corporate strategy.

Business Analyst (Mississauga) – Work with the Procurement Risk Governance & Contracts team within the company’s Strategic Sourcing Group to manage supplier risks and maximize contract value. Great for someone with lots of experience in vendor risk management and its relevant IT software.

Vendor Manager: Consulting Services (Mississauga) – Work in an enterprise-wide scope to strategically optimize contract management and supplier management while mitigating supply-side risks.

Business Implementation Officer (Toronto)– Provide support to the group’s Business Implementation Manager for the implementation of a new Requisitioning tool. Great for someone with System Administration expertise.

Strategic Sourcing Analyst – If you know RFP’s (requests for proposal) inside and out, this contract might be for you. In this analytical role, the contractor will analyze RFP responses and spend analytics for the category of consulting, contractors and legal spend.

Reach out to Rosanna Palermo at to learn more. It is certainly worth the conversation


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