This is so amazing. Thank you East York Bulldogs for doing us proud

March 4, 2014

Argentus’ Sponsored Hockey team, the East York Bulldogs, Supports a Local Hockey Mom

Every once in a while, we feel the need to post about something that doesn’t have to do with our usual subject matter (you know, Supply Chain, Procurement, the Recruiting industry, personal branding, all that good stuff), but that does have something to do with our wider community.

In December we wrote a post about some of our involvement with the East York Bulldogs, a Novice hockey team we ardently support in Toronto, where Argentus is based. We’re proud to provide our sponsorship to this team. We know hockey’s a cost-intensive game, and it’s really important to see young people out on the ice being physically active and learning lifelong skills.

We wanted to pass along a really heartwarming story about the Bulldogs that happened just this week. One of the mothers on the team, Karin Cooksey, is currently  battling breast cancer. In a show of solidarity with Karin, the bulldogs wore pink laces and pink hockey tape on their latest outing on the ice. It provided a striking effect. Check out the photo below!

What a great thing these young kids have done. In addition to being adorable, they’ve shown lots of support for Ms. Cooksey and done us all proud. We wish her well and are praying for her in her battle against cancer, and we urge you to keep her in your thoughts.


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