The Procurement Talent War is Heating Up

September 26, 2013


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The Procurement Talent War is Heating Up

The Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council estimates that the Canadian economy will add 80,000 Supply Chain jobs a year going forward. And as baby boomers hit their retirement peak over the next seven to thirteen years, the demand for talent is only increasing, especially for high-level professional roles in strategic business, Supply Chain, Procurement and Logistics.

As an industry, we haven’t been proactive enough in lobbying our Secondary and Postsecondary schools to promote Supply Chain and Procurement as a lucrative and vital career option. Combined, these two factors are squeezing the workforce on either end, and it’s creating a growing talent deficit in these critical business functions. So who steps in to fill the gap? 

The Workforce of the Future

A recent article in the University of Minnesota’s Public Sector Digest explored the rise of high-skilled contingent staffing at top companies. It quoted Dana Shaw, a Senior Vice President at Staffing Industry Analysts, who said that “currently, the average mix of contingents in the Fortune 100 is 20-30% of the workforce, but it will evolve to 50% by 2020.

“I’ve dealt with some big name procurement recruiters in the past and they’ve all struggled to understand what Sourcing is really all about and how to find the right fit. That all changed when I started working with Argentus. They have true expertise in the Sourcing realm. A truly unique recruitment organization.”
– Strategic Sourcing Director, Global CPG Company 


The Contingent Workforce: a 21st Century Talent Solution

A staggering shift is on the horizon. And we’re starting to see it at Argentus every day: a vast increase in demand for Contingent staffing, particularly in Procurement, Strategic Sourcing and Supply Chain Management. These aren’t unskilled or lower-level administrative labour or IT contract personnel. They’re highly-seasoned Professionals, Managers, Technical Experts, Knowledge Workers and Executives. Some of Canada’s top companies are engaging these motivated and mobile professionals for business improvement, alignment, compliance, implementations, process integration, strategic initiatives and other time-sensitive projects, as well as more traditional leave coverages.

On the flipside, professionals are realizing that the workforce has changed. The model of working for one company for your entire career is outdated. Savvy Procurement and Supply Chain professionals are realizing the immense financial and lifestyle benefits of working contract. What they give up in job stability, they gain many times over in higher hourly pay rates, tax advantages (through incorporation), the opportunity to work in a variety of industries and projects, flexibility, and work/life balance. Many contingent workers in Argentus’ network are “punching above their weight” in terms of salary, responsibility, and career progression simply because high-skilled contingent workers are in such high demand.

With its unique subject matter expertise and broad network of professionals who have made the switch from Permanent to Contract, Argentus is the best recruiting partner to fulfill these contingent staffing needs.

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