Technology and Globalization: Agents of Change in the Search for Supply Chain Talent

June 29, 2015

tech and globalization 2

In a particularly poignant new piece for the Wall Street Journal, the massive shift in how recruiters and hiring managers are tackling the search for supply chain talent takes centre stage. WSJ journalist Loretta Chao notes that given the current technology-driven world, along with the impact of globalization on business in North America and internationally, “Companies are finding that the growing complexity of supply chains has a significant consequence: hiring the right people to build and manage the expansive operations is more difficult than ever.”

Because Supply Chain is undergoing such a notable talent shift, many hiring managers are making a concerted effort to look for candidates with an increasingly specialized set of interdisciplinary skills to handle that aspect of their organization. A strong grasp on industry technology and the ability to excel working in a global business environment are two of the most desirable qualifications.

Paired with a revitalized focus on technological innovation and the corporate implications of globalization, the talent pipeline for supply chain management now also includes a consolidation of functions like logistics, operations, and procurement with high-level leadership. Supply chain is the new executive vertical needed by multinational businesses to achieve competitive advantage and market differentiation.

So what are the key takeaway points about technology and globalization as agents of change?

Hiring supply chain talent can help your business strategically streamline services. It’s not just about knowing the latest software or ERP systems to lead process improvement, it’s about being able to follow through on that knowledge and unite supply chain functions that operate more efficiently together – like analyzing procurement needs for the whole organization holistically versus having different departments source independently and miss cost-saving opportunities.

Global experience connects marketing goals with operating challenges in new regions. Because of the explosive growth for many companies in emerging markets, as well as increasing amount of consumer demand for products that transcends international boarders via e-commerce, having the professional chops to navigate complex global supply chain challenges is more invaluable now than ever.

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