Supply Chain Talent Spotlight: Plant Managers (Infographic)

September 16, 2019

Exploring one of the most crucial links in the chain. 

Welcome to our new feature, Supply Chain Talent Spotlight. In this new series of infographics, we’re drilling deep into some Supply Chain functional roles, to offer our market intelligence as recruiters who work exclusively within this space. These roles are the hottest in the marketplace, and often, the hardest for companies to fill.

More than just being a job description, we hope this series gives a high-level view about how companies build their supply chain functions, and what they’re finding when they’re hiring. We hope it’s useful for hiring managers, people looking for new opportunities, or any other Supply Chain aficionados. It’s based on our research, as well as our daily experience as recruiters.

For our first installment, we’ll be shining the spotlight on Plant Managers – those charged with overseeing production of goods at the plant level. These roles represent a crucial link in the Supply Chain, sitting at the fulcrum of daily operations and strategic management. They require a particular mix of hands-on manufacturing experience, continuous improvement acumen, and ability to speak to senior leadership in the organization. Despite strong compensation, it’s a high-stress position. Because of these factors, good plant managers are hard to find.

The infographic examines a number of key factors in the marketplace for Plant Managers, including:

  • Core competencies
  • Relevant industries
  • Salary info
  • Career paths: Typical roles that promote into Plant Managers, and roles that Plant Managers tend to graduate into.
  • Hiring info: Our market intelligence about companies’ pain points when hiring Plant Managers, as well as our grade for how difficult it is to find top performers compared to other Supply Chain roles.

We hope you enjoy the infographic!

This infographic isn’t exhaustive. It’s an intro to some of the biggest things we’re finding in today’s market for Plant Managers. But let us know if there’s anything we missed, or any area where you disagree!


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