Supply Chain Maxing out their Talent ROI with help of Niche Recruiters

October 5, 2012

Written by Adele Casciaro

Thank you to our resident senior SCM and Procurement Talent Acquisition Watchdog – Adele Casciaro for her comment.

Expert Recruitment Specialists can help solve any company’s stalling bottom line by adding calculated and strategic talent to their teams. While the factors of a turbulent economy continue to plague us – there are certain verticals within a business that are sometimes over looked because they are not typical revenue generating steams and don’t fit the classic sales cycle.

The Supply Chain is an example of an area that is often not as leveraged for cost savings in a company because it appears not to be as directly accountable for putting money back onto the bottom line. NOT SO – Savings in Supply Chain are very exciting for a company as a whole. A dollar saved is a dollar earned, where typically a dollar sold is 20 cents earned. Sounds easy right? Anyone can do it right? Wrong.

Procurement and Supply Chain Professionals are highly skilled negotiators that strategically hunt out cost savings and quality improvement opportunities that often double organisations initial ROI, saving two or three fold in equivalent salaries alone. That’s really exciting stuff. These people pay for themselves again and again and again!!!

Procurement’s value in an organization is being recognized more than ever and the competition for top Procurement and Supply Chain talent is at an all-time high. That’s exactly why a true boutique search company like Argentus is able to specialise in such a narrow vertical – because there is so much demand for talent in these areas.

For companies it’s why it’s so important to partner with a real NICHE Recruitment Specialist to locate the right talent to build that winning team. Once the vision is set, the skill set of that team defined, the depth of expertise established – the opportunity to save on the bottom line in SCM is exponential. What’s tough is finding the right players to meet the demands for staffing. Let’s face it, demand for talent is extremely high and supply is low. Why, because so many companies are grasping the same concept at just the same time.

Today, top executives in Supply Chain Management turn to the experts who are really plugged in – Niche Third Party Recruiters. Internal Talent Acquisition Teams can’t typically network with and keep up with the demand for such specialised talent. Recruiters like Argentus, who dominates in Procurement & Supply Chain Management Search in Canada and the US, have the market intelligence and industry expertise in the extremely narrow specialty vertical. We mine heavily for the really skilled candidates in SCM, pursue the candidates of high value through  very deep direct recruiting and track high potential people as they move through their careers.

We tirelessly network to connect with the gems of the passive Procurement and SCM talent market. We understand the current trends, have a better ability to qualify the complexities of the roles we specialise in, we speak the same language our clients do. Our candidates and clients find that refreshing because in today’s world where everything is fast paced, business leaders appreciate efficient delivery. Argentus’ searches are targeted and defined and our clients have been impressed by our response time to fill our clients requirements which is three to five weeks even for Director and VP roles in Supply Chain Management.

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