Supply Chain Managers: Find out Where You Fall on Today’s Salary Band

April 21, 2014

Supply Chain Managers: Find out Where You Fall on Today’s Salary Band

Because we are Supply Chain Recruitment Specialists – for those who don’t yet know us, we focus exclusively in this narrow but very in demand talent vertical, companies partner with us as they search to fill their talent gaps because we have such vast market intelligence across so many industries. We are successfully able to partner with organisations to ensure their open positions match current market trends.

Recently we started to blog on the subject of salary bands in SCM. We saw lots of interest and some great feedback. It looks like our network is hungry for info about what to expect in terms of salary and job growth in Supply Chain going forward. We’re glad to provide any Supply Chain, Logistics, Distribution, Planning, or Procurement compensation data to our network as we can get it .

Today here’s some interesting  statistics about salary bands specifically for Supply Chain professionals at the MANAGER level. Stay tuned for other categories in the weeks to come which might be more in sync with what you might be seeking.

These graphs come to us courtesy of, an IBM-owned Compensation Analysis company.

Here are the salary bands for a Supply Chain Manager in Ontario:


And here they are with average bonus factored in:


Those statistics are just for Ontario. Here’s the info for Calgary, AB which is another hot Supply Chain job market at the moment:


And here’s what Supply Chain Managers in Calgary can expect with bonus factored in:

Alberta’s undergoing quite a bit of growth in the energy sector, so it’s not surprising that salaries there are a little higher. But salaries are certainly quite competitive in Ontario as well. While these statistics don’t explicitly break down the salaries in terms of years of experience, they do give a sense of the possible range.

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