SCMAO Conference – Argentus Sponsors again

November 15, 2013

Argentus was very pleased to sponsor the 16th annual Supply Chain Management Association (formerly PMAC) conference the weekend of October 18th-19th, at the Eaton Chelsea Hotel in downtown Toronto.  We were always very proud to sponsor the event, which brings together professionals from all kinds of Supply Chain disciplines including Procurement, Logistics, Transportation, etc.  The conference featured speeches about topics such as Greening the Paper Supply Chain and Supply Chain technology advances.

Our Rosanna Palermo was very pleased to be invited as an expert panelist for, “How to Accelerate Your Career. She gave advice for how attendees can polish their personal branding, think strategically and how to get the upper hand in their Supply Chain careers.

And kudos to Adele who was asked to participate in Saturday’s “Speed Networking” event which matched Supply Chain Professionals with seasoned recruiters in the space—an opportunity for leading candidates to ask recruiters one-on-one confidential questions.

Argentus had a booth on the conference floor both days where we were pleased to meet some great people in our recruitment specialty of Supply Chain Management and Procurement. We really value this conference every year as a chance to meet great candidates and companies, to see what they’re looking for in contingent and direct hire, and to stay ahead of the curve of what’s happening in our narrow recruitment vertical. It’s also a great opportunity to reconnect and stay in touch with members of our extended network.

Raffle Announcement:

For the past several years, Argentus has started the tradition of holding a raffle at our booth—cost of entry is a business card. We’re pleased to announce that the winner of this year’s conference booth raffle is Michael Quail of ABC Group, a leading automotive materials manufacturer. Michael wins a Nespresso espresso machine!

Congratulations to Michael and the SCMAO for another successful conference, and we’ll see you next year

We welcome companies interested in speaking with us offline about how we can assist in supplying Contingent and Direct Hire Specialty Staffing in Supply Chain across Canada


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