Put More Money in Your Pocket With These Hot Procurement Contract Jobs

May 8, 2013

We’ve been writing a lot lately about how Procurement professionals can make more money in contract positions, and enjoy a lot of lifestyle advantages. The pay is higher than permanent roles, allowing a better work/life balance. Self-incorporation can let you save for retirement and enjoy tons of tax advantages. The possibilities are endless from both a lifestyle and financial perspective. And it’s estimated that by 2030, 50% of the workforce will be contractors.

So while permanent search will always be an integral part of our business, we’re getting into the Procurement contract game big time. It’s one of the most exciting and growing spaces in the field of Supply Chain Management and the jobs are rolling in every day. Here are our freshest Procurement contract opportunities:

Contracts of the Week: May 8th

Building Services:

Purchasing – Facilities: Manage facilities-related purchasing for a large and well-respected building services company. Strategically source new vendors for landscaping, janitorial, office services, cleaning services. It’s a great strategic procurement contract. Email sam.manna@argentus.com (3 month contract)

Cosmetics / Consumer Goods: 

Demand Analyst (Markham): Support demand coordination with Supply Chain by providing a 24-month demand forecast for a specified brand, SKU, and/or business unit. Develop continuous improvement in Manugistics forecasting models. Emailacasciaro@argentus.com (12 week duration)


Category Manager, Marketing (Toronto): Maximize the value of the company’s Advertising and Marketing programs. Lead the strategic sourcing process, and drive innovation and cost reduction through continuous improvement. Email acasciaro@argentus.com (12 month contract)

Financial Services:

Strategic Sourcing Managers, (Mississauga/Toronto) x6: We’re looking for 6 great Strategic Sourcing Managers to join the Strategic Sourcing group at this world-class financial institution. All categories. Email rpalermo@argentus.com if you’re ready to step into the big leagues.

Insurance Services:

Contract Analyst – Software (Toronto): Manage the organization’s software contracts by improving the accuracy and completeness of their contract database. Email acasciaro@argentus.com (3 month duration)

Public Sector:

IT Contract Specialist (Toronto): This public sector position will work on the indirect side as a procurement specialist, developing and executing complex procurement projects. Lead negotiations and strategy development, evaluate proposals, and engage with suppliers. Email sam.manna@argentus.com (6 month duration)



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