ONE & DONE!!! Contract Placement In Procurement definitely Our Thing

August 8, 2013

Yes we are singing our own praises a little bit today for our successes on our fast growing Contingent – Interim business in Procurement – Supply Chain Management. As is very often the case with CONTRACT needs they do tend to usually be last minute in nature. Our most recent requirement from one of our Health Services client was no different when they came searching to fill an immediate need for a 5 to 6 month interim requirement for a buyer just last Friday. Because this is exactly what we do, we were able to very easily reach out to our very established network and secure a well qualified individual who was ready to meet their needs. Our first interested candidate was sent out to the client the same day. Bang on the money. The client was interested and engaged; she interviewed Tuesday, and received an offer Wednesday. We did our job the way we were meant to. Now in Contract that’s the way it should happen.

You just don’t get that type of turnaround time unless you are working with a highly specialised group who really get what they are doing as a well oiled recruiting machine. For high-skilled Professional contract jobs, we understand that clients are ramping up and increasing their demand for that nimble BUT very highly skilled Professional workforce: that’s what they want and that’s what they’re getting from Argentus to meet the demands of Integration projects, Alignments, time sensitive strategic planning, start-ups and excess coverages. A high impact but low risk high reward, expandable/contractible workforce which trims costs and allows companies to spend strategically when they need to.

This was our shortest turnaround on a Procurement contract placement yet and we just wanted you to know how responsive we could be when needed. This client avoided the costs of a long, protracted search. They avoided having projects languish while they ‘hemmed and hawed’ about a permanent hire.

It’s a new PERMANENT Workforce @work – Choose to hire contract – Choose Argentus

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