Not a FRIEND – don’t connect on LinkedIn that way then. Use YOUR Groups

May 15, 2012


As speciality Recruitment Partners in Supply Chain, Procurement, Change Management and Retail verticals, we strongly encourage and endorse the use of social media, We take networking very seriously here at Argentus and we preach the networking, networking, networking mantra to our active and passive candidates as well as our clients as a routine part of the individual and company branding process.

We love it when those in the Supply Chain or Retail field want to invite one or more of us in BUT here’s a piece of advice I think everyone should think about as they go about their networking building. LinkedIn is very much a business tool. It’s vital to always be professional. Always invite people into your network using the right methods. I have been very successful using GROUPS  – this is a way to gain the most credibility for you as a peer with the person you are inviting into your network. If you can’t connect with someone through a group, consider refreshing your groups so you are churning up the people possibilities often. Some groups do go stale.

If all else fails use an InMail to invite someone you want to network with. Whatever you do, DON”T invite someone as a FRIEND if you don’t know them. It’s really lacks authenticity and people find it really irritating – you lose networking ground  before you start and that misses the whole point of the exercise. There is always a better way to connect!!!

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