Huge success for Argentus – senior level Supply Chain President

August 19, 2011

In the Recruiting business it’s all about results. We chose a very narrow vertical for a reason – the demand for talent is high in Supply Chain and this is expecially true within Retail & Consumer Services. The market is small and companies come to Argentus as deep specialists in Supply Chain, Logistics, Materials Management, Planning & Allocation, Inventory Management Transportation and Distribution to name a few, because our job is to know where everybody who is anybody is all the time.

Case in point. Just last month Argentus was engaged by a global retailer to locate a President of their logistics subsidiary. A top priority and a pivotal role, there was no time to waste. Because we know our stuff within Retail and Supply Chain Recruitment we did not have to look any further than our own base of contacts which made the process very seemless and quick. Because of the background work we do everyday on behalf of the vertical we support, we have our hand on the pulse of what’s going on within the areas we support in Canada across North America and Globally.

We are pleased that within three short weeks we went from presentation to offer with our client. How you say, because we know our stuff and we have the right contacts. You don’t know how many times we hear from clients that they have a role that has gone unfilled on their own for two, three or more months. With an engaged customer, a complete set of position requirements and a competitive compensation structure, four to six weeks from start to close is the rule of thumb at Argentus’.

If you are an executive seeking a new role or a business leader looking to find talent, find out what it’s like to work with a better recruiter.

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