The Friday Round Up: Supply Chain in the News November 17-21, 2014

November 21, 2014

In The Friday Round Up, we take a curated look back at the biggest insights and buzz about supply chain from the last week that are dominating the conversation in both national current events and global news coverage. Enjoy!

scm in the news 01Don’t Get Tangled in Your Supply Chain

A couple of decades ago, supply chain management was all about taking costs out of the system. Today it’s about speed of delivery and the level of customer service. You want it fast and you want it accurate.




scm in the news 03

Winning Strategies for Emerging Markets in Asia

Growing economies, complex business environments, and a diverse consumer base make supply chain management a challenge in Asia’s emerging markets. Here are five strategies that can help.




argentus marketnig card example 5

Supply Chain Innovator of the Year Nominees Revealed

Supply Chain Innovator of the Year is an award designed to recognize an industry leader that has demonstrated excellence in driving innovation and performance across the global supply chain. Nominees have been revealed, and the winner will be announced at the American Supply Chain & Logistics Summit.



Five businesspeople at boardroom table smiling

How Procurement Professionals Can Add Value to Business Performance

Gerard Chick, Chief Knowledge Officer of Optimum Procurement Group, examines a number of key areas where procurement professionals can make a value added difference to business performance. In this post, he looks at sustainability and diversity.



scm in the news 05The Financial Supply Chain

The physical and financial aspects of the supply chain must be integrated to provide really smooth supply chain management to manufacturers. Managing cash and capital is as important in the equation as managing partner relationships.


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