The Friday Round Up: Supply Chain in the News January 26-30, 2015

January 30, 2015

In The Friday Round Up, we take a curated look back at the biggest insights and buzz about supply chain from the last week that are dominating the conversation in both national current events and global news coverage. Enjoy!

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Superstorms are a Business Opportunity for Retail Supply Chains

This week in the US northeast, a blizzard locked down the region. Short-term it is a hassle of course, but in the longer term incidents like these are a golden opportunity that smart supply chain strategists should seize. Here’s why:



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All That Glitters? 10 Things We Need to Tackle in the Gold Supply Chain

A compelling exploration of the gold supply chain and how metal mining impacts the jewelry market, consumer options, sourcing policies, and business models in the industry.



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Top Ten Supply Chain CEOs of 2015

An interesting round up with quite a few leaders at global courier & shippers represented. Are you surprised by who made the cut? What other leaders would you add to this list of outstanding supply chain CEOs?



connections 2015

Logility Announces Date and Location for Connections 2015

Connections 2015: The Voice of Supply Chain Success takes place this September. It’s a conference that brings together the expertise of Logility customers, industry experts, and supply chain thought leaders. (And did we mention it’s in San Diego?)



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How Important is Net Neutrality to Supply Chain Innovation?

If net neutrality is not protected, companies in all industries that rely on the internet will also be affected. Some warn that companies with deep pockets could ultimately access data at faster speeds than competitors with less capital.


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