The Friday Round Up: Supply Chain in the News February 9-13, 2015

February 13, 2015

In The Friday Round Up, we take a curated look back at the biggest insights and buzz about supply chain from the last week that are dominating the conversation in both national current events and global news coverage. Enjoy!

scm in the news 01The Valentine’s Day Supply Chain

Cupid gets the credit for the holiday, but Valentine’s Day is really the work of logistics and supply chain. This year, UPS will transport an estimated 95 million flowers from Latin America to the US alone. That’s 3000 tons and 130 additional flight segments to make it all possible (and in 24 hours, no less).


scm in the news 02How Will Global Supply Chains Be Impacted by Obama’s Budget?

In his 2016 budget plan, Obama will propose that US companies’ overseas profits be taxed to fund a major boost in infrastructure spending. These tax proposals could change the way the Tax Efficient Supply Chain (TESC) operates.



Spreadsheet business charts illustration

Could Procurement Validate Marketing Metrics?

IBM surveyed 1000+ Chief Procurement Officers (CPOs) in 22 countries. Top performing procurement organizations saw a strong correlation between procurement influence in the decision-making process and business results: higher profit margins, lower risk profiles.



scm in the news 05

Seeking Simplicity in Managing Supply Chain Risk

Companies practicing good risk management will pay particular attention to their supply chains, and a well-run company will have senior management and a board that is honest about what level of risk it is willing to accept.



scm in the news 03Five Challenges Which Hamper Supply Chain Flexibility

Inflexibility is the bane of an efficient supply chain, but the ideal of flexibility is a moving target. Get closer to the bullseye and keep your business competitive by tackling these problems.


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