The Friday Round Up: Supply Chain in the News December 1-5, 2014

December 5, 2014

In The Friday Round Up, we take a curated look back at the biggest insights and buzz about supply chain from the last week that are dominating the conversation in both national current events and global news coverage. Enjoy!

scm in the news 01

Honeywell: The Technology Behind the Supply Chain on Cyber Monday

The boom of e-commerce gives an added flexibility to consumers that can shop from the comfort of their own home. But no matter where they order from, customers still expect a smooth and easy experience with purchases delivered quickly & efficiently.



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Management Neglects Supply Chain Talent

“Organizations that actively train employees across various disciplines and help them develop new skills and career paths have a higher functioning supply chain.” Discover more information and statistics on industry trends from the 2014 Supply Chain Insights Survey.



Blue global technology background with the planet Earth. Element24 of the Most Influential People in Procurement

Great overview of procurement’s current movers and shakers. Consider connecting with these people on Twitter and LinkedIn to learn, grow, and collaborate.




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Is Your Head of HR Thinking About Supply Chain Management?

Could the same type of supply chain planning and forecasting that benefits businesses on the product side also revolutionize efficiency and performance for a company’s talent management strategy too?




scm in the news 05Reshoring Boosts British Manufacturer’s Supply Chain

This compelling case study offers a snapshot on the advantages that can come from the “reshoring” trend. For Vent-Axia, a British manufacturer, it’s translated into more product innovation, speedier R&D, a reduced carbon footprint, and a leaner supply chain.


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