Executive & High Level Strategic Project work in Strategic Sourcing well handled by Contingent workers

November 27, 2012

Thank you to my top Contingent Talent Recruiter Rosanna for giving us the latest snapshot of what’s been happening in the Strategic Sourcing/Procurement Hiring front on the Contract/Contingent side of our business practise in the Canadian marketplace. For those who might have missed her piece earlier this week she covers some of the exciting things other companies are embracing with really high level Executive and very Strategic Project based Sourcing work.

Here is what she had to say.

…..2012 has been a very busy year on the Contingent Front. Never before have I personally been so focused with demands from my particular clients with needs for Contingent requirements which have for the first time outstripped Permanent Searches in Strategic Sourcing, Change Management, Direct Procurement and Supply Chain.

The contract roles most recently have really increased in seniority and have been focused on extremely high level Procurement Strategy and NOT solely geared towards sourcing sole contributor roles for example.  A major topic of interest in gaining expertise in the Procurement Risk Process (PR), System Implementation, Strategic Sourcing Program Management Strategies, Procurement Change Management, Risk Governance,  Procurement Corporate Responsibilities and many more. What has been tremendously apparent is that Contingent demand is definitely up for high level skilled Strategic knowledge leaders who can bring about change in larger organisations.

To bring this level expertise to the table, we are forging relationships with higher level senior consultants to engage with our clients to assess, build a business case, develop strategies and leave the organization with a sound Procurement & Strategic Sourcing plan and/or department.

Many organizations, who have set up a Procurement group focusing on sourcing and category expertise as well as Centres of Excellence for example, and who have not yet ready to fully assess the bigger picture of full dedicated resources are availing themselves and taking full advantage of the tremendous expertise available on the market coming into 2013 with these high level contingent workers.

I am a fully experienced Contingent Staffing expert in the Procurement, Strategic Sourcing, Change Management and Supply Change management field and I welcome the opportunity to discuss how my team and I can assist you with top Contingent Workforce Solutions through our NEW Permanent Workforce @work. rpalermo@argentus.com



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