Employment Issues & Social Media: Shauna Hunt’s Heckler Fired From Job at Hydro One

May 14, 2015

One of the biggest Canadian news stories this week is about Toronto reporter Shauna Hunt and the outrageous verbal harassment she faced at the last TFC game.

It’s gone viral, and rightly so: the sexism women encounter in the workplace is still an ongoing problem across industries, and it needs to be challenged. This incident has also brought forward critical recruitment and employment issues surrounding how to manage questionable employee conduct and brand reputation in the age of social media—concerns which require thoughtful attention, consideration, and action.

Along with other experts, Argentus president Bronwen Hann spoke to Global News regarding the high stakes firing of Shawn Simoes from Hydro One. She advocates the importance of professionals taking time to think before they speak, and emphasizes just how much poor behavior like this documented online can haunt your career.

View the full video segment below:


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