Do you have a long term Project/Maternity/Medical Leave coverage in Planning, Logistics or Strategic Sourcing? We have you covered

November 6, 2012


Adele Casciaro talks about how we are helping clients fill their Maternity or Medical coverages in Supply Chain and Planning. look no further than Argentus’ Contingent Staffing Solutions @work

The last twenty four to thirty six months has really seen prominent changes in Talent Acquisition and the needs of companies for staff within Supply Chain Management, (Direct/Indirect Procurement, Change Management, Vendor and Contract Management & Strategic Sourcing for example. The shift from permanent search (which used to be about 90% of what we were engaged for) to Contingent staffing has been huge – it’s more of a 50/50 split now. It looks very much like this change has NO SIGN OF LETTING UP in the months or years ahead. The Demand for these very HIGH DEMAND candidates in this very narrow vertical is growing exponentially.

By 2030, well over 30% of the Global workforce will be Contract/Contingent so that’s something to really think about; how companies are adapting to the new ways of doing business. They need to be so much more competitive and can help do this by utilising a highly skilled nimble workforce always at their fingertips…

At Argentus (we are after all one of leaders in this type of specialty recruiting work across Canada and also into the US), we have been doing some really exciting work with a growing number of leading organizations (from Financial Services & Communications to Consumer Packaged Goods/Pharma. and Manufacturing) who are actively engaging us for ongoing large Project and Implementation work in the Strategic Sourcing space. And the interest is growing rapidly and expanding very fast encompassing other areas within Supply Chain Management..

Argentus’ Bronwen Hann, Thought Leader on Recruitment Trends in Supply Chain & Procurement (you should bookmark her blogs which are full of great stuff to do with recruiting and Talent Acquisition – here’s the link –, said this earlier this year – “Companies have had to find ways to stay sharp and competitive in the Global marketplace. Contingent workers have opened up a world of opportunity for on-demand access to expertise while keeping a watchful eye on the bottom line. In a very real way, it has been a panacea for helping to balance the bottom line in very tough times.”

Of late, there have been an increased number of needs from our customers engaging Argentus to assist them with Contingent coverage for positions such as Supply & Demand Planning Analysts, Logistics & Supply Chain Analysts as well as Contracts Management Leads, Inventory/Replenishment Analysts and Supervisors for coverage of Maternity leaves and other Medical Leaves of six to eighteen months. Since we are so well plugged into the Planning area particularly from a networking/connections perspective, we have recently been extremely successful meeting staffing requirements such as these.

If your company is looking for on-demand access to Professional Contingent/Contract staffing or is even considering this model for sometime in the future, Argentus has the experience with long term coverage for open roles in SCM as well as being very adept at complex Contract Workforce Management initiatives

We are well connected to many superior individuals well skilled and interested in longer term opportunities which are Contingent in nature.

Please call me to discuss at 416-364-9919 or email me at



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