DEAD, DEAD – The Resume is Dead!!

July 24, 2012

Jeanne Meister, a contributor at Forbes, wrote a fabulous article (July 24 2012) ‘The Death Of The Resume – Five Ways To Re-Imagine Recruiting’. Yes I am an old dog in the Recruiting Industry (30 years plus) but I have so embraced this new stuff. WHY? – BECAUSE IT REALLY WORKS.

I am a huge proponent for change. Embracing the new order of things in how people now market/brand themselves, how good Recruiters do their jobs and how companies should be selling to their customers. It is so far from where it was just a few years ago, so many are still having trouble catching the bus. Word of advice, time to get with the programme.

Well, be assured that at Argentus we are at the leading, bleeding edge of all the latest tools for finding those gems of the passive/hidden candidate market. We know only too well how in demand talent is within our very narrow vertical and we push the envelope to find and stay on top of whose who so our clients don’t have to.

Rest assured, the Argentus team is Researching and Mining, Twittering, Retweeting, YouTubing, Connecting and Networking, Blogging and Facebooking (not a word I know, but I am taking a bit of creative license) and working our referrals to the bone to be at the forecront, the cusp of what’s NEW in Supply Chain Management and Retail within Talent Acquisition . For companies, candidates and for those wanting to stay in the know about what’s going on in our vertical specialty, we continue to work hard to bring you all the latest information.  

Here is the article which so succinctly reinforces what Argentus preaches to our Supply Chain and Procurement network all the time (whether you are looking for a job or not – trust me because one day you or someone close to you might) 

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