March 4, 2013

Customer – Category Insights Analyst 

Purchasing Specialist – Buyer (indirect)      Supply Chain Jobs in Profile #3

Welcome to Supply Chain Jobs in Profile, our new twice-weekly blog feature where we break past those cold and clinical job descriptions to show you why a job is really cool and intriguing.

Every company that sells some type of consumer goods has an all important Supply Chain, and that’s why the field of Supply Chain is so neat – you can work for a company that fits your personality. This is especially important if you’re in the first few years of your career where value the fit – corporate culture above most other factors when picking a job reign supreme.Fortunately being in Supply Chain puts you in a great position to take your pick of many different types of organisations. Why? Because every great company needs a meaningful contributor to cost savings and operational efficiency in their Supply Chain – you’re a hot commodity. Whether you want a button down position in a large, established company in the financial services side of business, or an opportunity to build something great in a rapidly-growing “startup”-style office, Argentus is sure to have the right environment and job to meet your needs.

Today, we profile a pair of jobs in that booming “hip” category. This company is on the bleeding edge of technological development and consumer trends, and they’ve got a few roles to fill with many more coming down the pipe. They’re a Canadian-based company headquartered in Downtown Toronto, less than 5-years old with a global reach. They’ve got absolutely massive growth potential, as sales of their OEM products have been through the roof with each passing year.  But what makes this company really special is the work environment. They’re no longer in “startup” mode, they’ve greatly ramped up production and sales, but they have the same kind of forward-looking philosophy that attracts so many inspirational and creative go-getters.  This company is going places and so can you.

As we talk to those within the first five to seven years of their careers, one thing that appeals  about a “startup”-style workplace culture isn’t beanbag chairs and free candy – it’s the opportunity to be closer to the dollar, to have a real impact on a company’s vision and bottom line. That’s why roles like these are so hot; the hierarchy is not rigid, it’s based on being collaborative and you have an opportunity to build your own role and offer concrete value to a company instead of fitting into a pre-designed slot.

Customer/Category Insights Analyst

This position is perfect for someone with several years experience who’s looking to move into a more senior analyst position. Think business analysis, product management, market research, category analysis, customer-facing collaboration, inventory optimization, promotion forecasting. If you’re strong on the analytical side, BUT with fantastic collaborative skills, ambition with great verbal and written presentation skills, this position is perfect for you.  It’s a great company with tons of growth potential, and you’ll be dealing with prominent stakeholders within the organization.

Purchasing Specialist – Buyer (Indirect)

This position is also great for someone who’s looking to join this client in a Procurement capacity on the Indirect Buying side. Handle all categories not included in production. This includes office supplies, but also capital expenditure, marketing and promotional items. You’ll handle AVLs, quoting, system data integrity, purchase order placement, and process development. In short, it’s a chance to make your mark by maximizing cost savings for a great up-and-comer in the tech field. What could be a better proving ground for an intermendiate Sole Contributor?

These roles are sure to WOW you so reach out to Adele at or call her at 416-364-9919, and of course check back in later in the week for our next Supply Chain Jobs in Profile feature due out Thurday/Friday.



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