May 7, 2012

Here’s a fantastic article about TALENT ACQUISITION that my colleague Adele forwarded to me … It says ” Despite the flood of supply (skilled professional talent that is) in mature markets such as …. (in Canada & the) United States and in emerging ones like China, critical talent remains a valuable commodity” (why, you ask, because even with unemployment as an all time high – and let’s face it, it’s pretty grim out there, Strategic Sourcing, Supply Chain and Change Management professionals – senior management and sole contributors – in particular, are extremely difficult to find).

A reminder, Argentus is a highly specialised Recruitment Partner across North America in these very verticals and we are extremely PLUGGED IN to these rich connections. Call us or dig into our website to learn more.

Here’s the article – definitely worth the read and demonstrates that no matter what the conditions, Talent Acquisition is always challenging when the supply is tight and WOW Strategic Sourcing & Supply Chain – couldn’t be tighter.

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