Creative, Tenacious and highly regarded in Supply Management Staffing

July 24, 2013

When I hear something great about one of my team – I really swell with pride. Why? Because I know that they really represent the very best recruiting partners there are to find for engaged companies who want to track and get that top Procurement and Supply Management talent.

Thank you to Chris Watson for your very generous comments made today on behalf of Adele on LinkedIn.

“I was recently subject to having the organization that I worked for go through an asset sale and divisional closure, and had the pleasure of working with Adele to find my next career opportunity and challenge; which she was successful with in a very short period of time.  Adele helped guide me through the interview process, which I was out of practice with at the time, and provided me with many helpful tips and ideas for interviewing as well as cleaning up my resume.  After each step of the interview process, she was there to ensure it went well, looking for my feedback as well as providing me with feedback from my new employer.  It was very clear to me that Adele is not your typical recruiter, looking for my feedback and confirmation that the position was one that I was excited about and if I wanted to continue the process.  I’m confident that I will not need her help for quite some time, but I highly recommend her to anyone in the Supply Chain / Purchasing field that is looking for that next exciting career challenge to contact her immediately. July 24, 2013                      

Top qualities: Great Results  Creative”

Adele’s expertise over the years has grown exponentially in SCM. Her expertise as a top talent acquisition leader is really impressive for Contingent Professionals and on the direct hire side. She really knows her stuff within the narrow verticals in which she practices. Supply Chain, Strategic Planning, Operations, Strategic Sourcing/Procurement and Shared Services are Adele’s thing. She’s very plugged in. There isn’t anyone in the passive candidate market she doesn’t know or can’t become connected to in Canada and the US. Her forte is Direct Recruiting in order to find the right fit so be assured when engaging Adele she will find you what you seek.

Adele works very successfully on behalf of major CPG’s, Financial Institutions, Communications giants, Food and Beverage, Manufacturing and Pharmaceuticals to name a few, to find them that really high demand, tough to find talent in Category and Contract Management, Vendor Management, Supplier Relationship Management and Purchasing with expertise in Connectivity, Telco, I.T. Sourcing, Network & Engineering as well as Facilities, Professional Services, HR, Marketing & Print, General and Office Services.




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