Canadian Top Market Salary Bands: Supply Chain Director

April 28, 2014

Canadian Top Market Salary Bands: Supply Chain Director

Here’s Argentus’ Supply Chain salary drilldown for this week. On the last installment, we covered Supply Chain Manager salary bands for Ontario and Alberta. We plan to drill down into granular detail for all the business areas we recruit for: Procurement, Strategic Sourcing, Distribution, Logistics, Operations, and Planning. We also plan to break down salaries for different industries and different geographic areas.

For now, we’re sticking with Supply Chain as a discipline since it is so much at the core of what we do:  We’re moving the focus towards more senior roles since we recruit so much at this level so providing salary bands for Supply Chain Directors in Toronto and Alberta we feel is a useful next step.

Supply Chain Directors’ salaries obviously vary much more than those at the sole contributor level as well as managers.  Size of organization, scope of roles and industry are more of a factor behind these wider salary bands. At the low end, compensation is sometimes lower than the highest end of Supply Chain Managers. And at the high end, compensation approaches VP level, which shows the immense value that companies get from their senior leaders in Supply Chain.

Thanks to, an IBM-owned Compensation Analysis company for the detail we are able to draw on here.

Here are the salary bands for Supply Chain Director in Toronto:


And here are the salary bands for Supply Chain Director in Toronto with bonus factored in:


And here is the comparison for Calgary without bonus:


And here they are with bonus factored in:


Just as with the manager-level salary bands, the salaries for Alberta continue to be slightly higher than Toronto, probably due to the immense growth of Alberta’s energy sector. But interestingly, the variance between Toronto and Alberta is a bit lower at the Director level than it is between Ontario and Alberta for Supply Chain Managers.

One comment from Argentus’ end as specialty Recruiters in the Supply Chain Management field, I think companies will be surprised to see just how competitive compensation is for roles like this in Supply Chain in Canada’s two top markets. The benefit of having the market intelligence will certainly help companies fill their talent gaps more quickly by attracting and grabbing the top talent in a very tough high demand – low supply employment space.

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