Be imaginative – Learn how I attract deeply passive Strategic Sourcing Talent

October 30, 2012

Let’s face it, the very BEST Candidates in Procurement (especially for those tough to find Technology/Telecom/Technical Services Outsourcing – Purchasing roles, Centre of Excellence PM positions as well as high level Strategic Initiative knowledge experts in Strategic Sourcing) are extremely hard to find. And why you might ask –  because they are those busy satisfied people, ‘employed’ and NOT actually looking for jobs – or at least they don’t know if and why they could or should be looking at other new opportunities. And that’s exactly where I come in.

I know the Procurement/Supply Chain field extremely well. In my last dozen years in the field, I’ve seen it all. I understand the ebb and flow that goes with working within a very high demand vertical where candidates are hot commodities and companies clamour  for their skills for short and long term contingent/contract roles as well as key permanent positions. Every day I learn new ways of doing things (tricks for want of a better word) to get the attention of top talent. My job is to be a better bridge between companies who want the talent in SCM and those candidates who don’t necessarily want nor care to know about what’s out there as career options.

Blowing some of the established norms of getting candidates and clients together is a challenge where how things used to get done are still steeped in the traditional process of resume, interview and close. In a market where candidates don’t want to be engaged, the way things have always been just don’t work as well as they used to. At Argentus, we have been shaking it up a bit. And with some good results. We have come to realize that it all comes down to making the recruitment strategy an easy and positive experience that allows us to gain interest from deeply passive or semi-passive/semi-active candidates. That’s where the really good people are.

In instances (and they are growing) where open minded and engaged customers are willing to forgo the formal arduous online application, obtaining the resume of a deeply inactive candidate (which might take much frustration on the part of a person in the midst of projects and deadlines not to mention weeks to get) and making do with a sturdy working summary accompanied by a quantifiable skill sheet as well as a good detailed LinkedIn profile. This is becoming more common and sufficient to engage in a dialogue and interest the candidate who otherwise might just have walked away.

Get results. Avoid delays by finding extraordinarily good Supply Chain and Strategic Sourcing talent NOW. Be imaginative – work with me to access top deeply passive talent by putting the old way of doing things on its head.

My area of expertise is Purchasing and Supply Chain for Contingent and Permanent searches in Business Manufacturing & Retail. Call me or at 416-364-9919


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