How to Attract and Retain Top Candidates in Supply Chain: The Full Recruitment Cycle

April 23, 2015

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Job seekers need to know their audience, and that means being able to communicate clearly and with confidence when networking. Whether it’s making a career move or striking a deal, being able to connect with others is important for professional growth. But what about the flip side? How are employers focusing their brand messaging to attract top supply chain talent, and really sell their company’s image, reputation, and success story?

Making the most of each point of content can influence a company’s position in the marketplace. Social media is a prime example of this. A smart employer will ensure that their brand communicates an authentic message about why it’s exciting to work for that company, what the organizational culture is all about, and how the business will thrive now and in the future.

As we’ve discussed before, how employers engage professionals throughout the full recruitment cycle is critical for talent attraction and retention, including the experiences candidates have along the way, even if they aren’t ultimately selected for a role. Industries within supply chain may differ, but one thing remains the same when it comes to hiring: they all need talented, highly-skilled professionals to mitigate the talent deficit, boost succession planning, and keep business moving.

Building a strong, powerhouse supply chain team takes time and effort, not to mention some luck and strategy in the candidate job market. Instead of expending resources without a direction of a plan for talent acquisition and employee retention, consider employer branding and public image a starting point for investment in your company’s performance. This will help lead to less rejected offers or “ghosting” throughout the recruitment process from top talent in logistics, procurement, quality assurance, and supply chain. These narrow, high-demand verticals are niche and the courting exercise for sourcing the right professionals must be handled with care. Specialty recruiters and internal HR can collaborate together on this front.

  • Missteps along the full recruitment cycle that can deter top talent:
  • Receiving higher or more expedited offers from competing employers
  • Disenchantment and a loss of interest due to slow moving process
  • Little information and feedback along the road to an offer
  • An unexpected raise or promotion from current job
  • Water cooler gossip about managers and corporate culture
  • Lack of visibility and awareness for brand position & market impact
  • Dubious room for advancement or a pay and responsibility gap
  • Poor communication during the interview stages

No one likes to be left in the dark, and no companies want candidates to walk away from them with the impression that the inefficiency coloring their hiring track also informs their approach to business, leadership, teamwork, and project management. Keep the top talent interested in your company by being savvy about your evaluation of candidates at the front lines of niche recruitment using social media, fresh interview tactics, and adopting a transparent approach to hiring. Companies that cultivate a desirable organizational philosophy and commit to an organizational culture that is humanized, with real personality, always stand out. Your business doesn’t need to be Facebook or Google to take advantage of the big picture.

People talk. What will they say about your company brand, and what impression will your full recruitment cycle leave on them? Those discussions in the age of digital media can make or break your relationship with the public, your current team, as well as other prospective candidates down the line. Don’t chase away your top candidates in a fiercely competitive area like supply chain. Be mindful of your process and re-evaluate tactics as necessary.

Remember to put people first. Reduce the “black hole” effect of applicant tracking systems, make space for more in-person momentum, and show candidates what your employer brand is really about. Higher retention and better press mean bigger gains in the short- and long-term. Refining and humanizing the recruitment process can be time-consuming, but with the help of a specialty recruiter, the return on investment speaks for itself: the right people, for the right job, right on time.


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