Argentus Update for COVID-19

March 17, 2020

We’re responding to COVID-19 by doing what we do best: continuing to find and attract the best Supply Chain talent for organizations across industries. So get in touch! 

Given the developments over the past week or so, we wanted to write a short post to give our network and readers an update about what’s going on at Argentus. The COVID-19 pandemic’s arrival in North America has been an uncertain time, with uncertainty in the economy, in the medical community, and elsewhere as we take the measures necessary to keep everyone safe and healthy.

It’s a difficult time, but hiring isn’t stopping, and neither are we. Rest assured: Argentus is still open for business as Canada’s premier search firm within Supply Chain Management, Procurement, Logistics, Operations and Planning.

Here are some updates about how Argentus is responding to the situation:

  • We’ve temporarily switched to working remotely – alongside the many other businesses that are able to do so. This is to ensure that we practice the necessary social distancing, and that we’re still able to service clients and speak to candidates. Everyone on the team is doing well. We’re in close contact. We’ve been taking job orders from clients, and working with candidates to represent them for some of the Supply Chain roles in the pike. In other words, there’s been very little impact on our ability to do business.
  • Many of our clients have temporarily switched to teleconferencing for interviews. Even before COVID-19, more companies were switching to video interviews as a more convenient and flexible option. With the necessity for social distancing during this time, our clients are using these options to keep the process moving and avoid losing the precious momentum in hiring that they’ve built. If you’re a client, consider this option, especially because your competitors might not be. Digital technologies have allowed us to keep working from home, and they’re allowing our clients to keep hiring, as well.
  • Despite the potential for significant economic disruption due to COVID-19, we expect that demand for great Supply Chain professionals will continue to be high, if not higher than it was before. They were already in demand: according to Supply Chain Canada’s annual survey, there were an estimated 6 new open Supply Chain roles for each grad in Canada in 2019. But we anticipate that companies will see an even greater value in Supply Chain during this time, when the ability to control your bottom line, and bring goods and services to market without any disruption, is paramount.
  • We will continue to offer informative Supply Chain content through our blog and through our mailing list, including interviews with top Supply Chain professionals. There are lots of developments happening in the Supply Chain space, as well as with general hiring and workplace trends, especially given that more companies are switching to temporary intensive work-from-home and video interviewing during this period. Stay tuned for more content on these and other Supply Chain talent topics.

In short, nothing has changed for us – except that we’re working remotely for now. We don’t expect it to.

This is a crucial time for Supply Chains and Supply Chain professionals to do what they do best, as we as a society and business community respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Organizations across the world rely on our industry to maintain the flow of goods and services, using their ingenuity, flexibility and skill to overcome any gaps. We couldn’t be prouder of how the Supply Chain community is responding.

From all of us at Argentus, we wish everyone in our network the best during this time. We will get through this together. And in the meantime, get in touch, because we won’t stop working and neither should you.

Here’s how to get connected:

1. Send an email to

2. Reach out to us directly:

Email Bronwen Hann – President & Senior Partner at

Email Adele Casciaro – Partner, Contingent Staffing & Direct Hire at

Email Rosanna Palermo – Partner, Contingent Staffing & Direct Hire at

3. Follow us on LinkedIn: Join our company page on LinkedIn to access the latest Hot Jobs, career and resume tips, and Supply Chain news and industry insights. 


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