Argentus is Going Global – Helping Companies Leverage the Contingent Workforce Overseas

April 9, 2014

At Argentus, we pride ourselves on our extensive network within Canada. Because we’re headquartered here, it’s obviously been our main focus since we started recruiting. Our network in our recruitment vertical obviously extends well into the United States as well, especially at the executive, director and senior managerial levels. We have a strong history of hitching some superb executives with U.S. companies in industries such as Consumer Goods, 3PL’s, Technology and Building Materials & Construction to name a few. We love working with US companies in meeting their Supply Chain Talent needs. Our reach at the senior level with passive candidates within the US from California to New York is strong and growing all the time.

But today, our news here at Argentus is that over the past several months our reach has been extending further abroad into some exciting Purchasing/Supply Chain contingent roles in Europe and in emerging markets in Asia. It’s certainly a bit of a different beast, but we’re thrilled to be tackling this global challenge. It’s a fantastic opportunity for Argentus to go global and offer our clients a full spectrum of services. We have the infrastructure in place and we are set up to move forward with clients who might have an interest in exploring other markets for direct hire and contract supply chain talent needs.

Supply Chain and its related disciplines (e.g. Logistics, sourcing, distribution, planning) have been seen as global functions ever since they came to prominence in the middle of the last century. With the rise of overseas manufacturing, domestic companies employed Supply Chain professionals to source finished goods and manufacturing services overseas for domestic distribution.  Now, in the 21st century, companies are global and quality of life and consumer demand are rapidly increasing in previously “developing” countries. That means that both production and consumption are a truly global two-way street. Today’s global Supply Chains are vastly more interconnected and are becoming more integrated every day, and that opens up tremendous opportunities for us to help fill international roles for all types of organisations in many industries.

We remain a boutique highly focused team— we will never be a multinational recruitment giant. Where we are of most value is our depth of understanding of the talent market in Supply Chain and its criticality to organisations’ efficiencies. Companies – both large and small, can take advantage of our very strong expertise and market intelligence in Supply Chain Talent Acquisition. It’s a very competitive field and we know it better than anyone else. We are just taking it global. New technologies (e.g. Skype), sophisticated sourcing techniques, exciting partnerships, and great relationships with a super passive candidate market give us a big leg up. These things, along with our know-how and experience, are helping us source, screen, onboard and payroll excellent candidates around the globe. We’ve been doing recent searches for some exciting clients in Europe, specifically Belgium, Germany, and Luxembourg, and overseas in China and Hong Kong, with some more regions in the pipeline.

One driver of our push into overseas searches is the increasing prominence of the contingent workforce internationally. Companies are seeking to hire high-skilled contractors overseas, in many cases to overcome internal hiring freezes that are preventing them from hiring new permanent employees. And they’re looking to Argentus because we’re proven experts at finding the top contingent talent in the Supply Chain vertical. We’ve built some relationships with key overseas partners to allow us to offer the appropriate in-country payrolling services for these contractors for our clients.

So if you’re an international company looking to hire overseas for Supply Chain, Procurement, Strategic Sourcing, Logistics, Distribution, Operations and Planning, it’s time to chat. We’d be pleased to offer you some information about how you can leverage the contingent workforce internationally! It is the NEW PERMANENT workforce.

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