Argentus completing searches faster than the competition

February 23, 2012

Hey, here’s something companies need to know about Argentus. Did you know, we specialise in extremely narrow  but high demand verticals so we can be of  maximum value as a Recruiting Partner to our customers: We are Supply Chain, Procurement, Change Management & Retail Talent Acquisition Specialists. It’s what we breath. Because we have very deep networking connections into the passive candidate market across North America we are in the know where we need to be.

So just for curiousity’s sake, we took a look and ran the stats over the last 18 months. The results show that at Argentus we complete our searches faster – that is in two (2) to four (4) weeks for our clients (even at a Director level) compared to up to three (3) months for our competitors or when companies hire on their own. That’s pretty good and when results matter those stats speak for themselves.

Why are we doing it you ask? Simple. There is a severe talent crunch in the categories we specialise in so companies owe it to themselves to partner with those in the know. At Argentus, we live and breath this stuff. Our job is simple – to find those gems who actually aren’t looking and tempting them into the market. It’s hard work, it’s 7*24 and it’s all about networking and establishing long lasting connections.

And why do we fill our positions so fast? Our other immediate responsibility is to have a roster of well qualified active candidates ready to meet the active needs of our clients for both Contingency Workforce and Permanent needs.

We get the job done with incredible efficiency.


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