Argentus Career Hack: Keep Your Professional Communication Crystal Clear

May 7, 2015

Argentus Career Hack is a new series that shares insider advice for both employers and candidates on how to hack the recruitment system to optimize career track, hiring decisions, job search, talent attraction, organizational culture, and more. This post is the second edition, and we hope you find these tips and tricks of the trade useful in your professional life.

Crystal is a new professional tool that helps people refine their email communication. It sounds simple enough, but it’s actually kind of revolutionary. Crystal allows you to leverage the diversity of communication styles and temperaments people have to better understand (and reach) your target audience.

crystal knows screenshot

So what is the Crystal competitive advantage, exactly? It shows you the best way to communicate with anyone in your professional life, and do it well: clients, colleagues, candidates, senior management. It’s where social science meets business and responsive technology. Crystal offers recommendations on the most optimal and effective language, tone, and style to use so you can translate your communication style into that of the recipient.

Not understanding one another is often a make-or-break factor in supply chain, procurement, and logistics. Think of how many missteps could be avoided in negotiation, conflict resolution, delegation, or collaboration if you were able to harness emotional intelligence in the workplace. Bottom line? This innovative web tool is laying the foundation for better business outcomes with accessible and measurable applications.

Crystal has a thorough website with more information about its services, along with LinkedIn and Gmail plugin options to use the tool where you’re writing and connecting with people the most. Check it out!


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