Argentus Announces Strategic Partnership with BUILDING PERSPECTIVE – Continuous Improvement Consultants

June 4, 2013

Argentus Announces Strategic Partnership with BUILDING PERSPECTIVE – Continuous Improvement Consultants

It is with great pleasure that Argentus announces our strategic partnership with Building Perspective, a change management consultancy based in Markham, ON. We were recently contacted by Desi Narayanan, a senior consultant with the group, to discuss how we can share expertise. Change management is an important factor in our vertical, so there are lots of synergies between what they do and what we’re all about. We’re also developing our resources in Contract and Consultant staffing in this space, so we’re excited to be working with Change Management consultants and to learn more about what they do. Because their clients are often looking for logistics and operations talent, and because we’re looking to develop our understanding of cutting-edge improvements related to the SCM space, it’s a natural alliance.

What they do:

Building Perspective specializes in Continuous Improvement using Six Sigma methodologies, a system originally designed by Toyota in Japan to maximize manufacturing efficiency. Any Supply Chain professional worth their salt has heard of Lean Operational Excellence. Organizations around the world know that one of the most effective ways to improve their bottom line is to lower costs in production, distribution and logistics. The basic idea of Lean Operational Excellence is to identify aspects of business operations that don’t directly add value to customers, and seek to downsize or eliminate them.

Building Perspective offers organizations a structured Continuous Improvement Process that’s designed to help the organization identify inefficiencies and wastage in their operations. Through hands-on workshops, their goal is to offer sustainable solutions that improve Customer Satisfaction, On Time Delivery, Low Cost and Growth.

How do they do this?

Building Perspective offers collaborative workshops with organizations to help them integrate Lean methodologies into their businesses.

Their Strategy Deployment workshops start with the basic understanding that an organization’s internal members are the experts in their field. They then work with a company’s team to make sure that their long-term and short-term strategic goals are aligned with their day-to-day activities. Together with the organization, they help to develop an understanding of the answers to the following questions:

  • Is the company’s vision and strategy well understood at all levels?
  • What is the roadmap to achieve the vision and strategy of the organization?
  • Are resources at all levels focused on the critical priorities?
  • How do I know if and when the strategic objectives are achieved?
  • How do I deal with day-to-day fires while maintaining traction with strategic initiatives?

These workshops are designed to help organizations become more efficient by maintaining a focus on the big picture instead of getting bogged down in day-to-day issues.

Building Perspective also offers workshops in Value Stream Mapping, which is a tool to help develop an overall Lean Transformation within an organization, and to make sure that it’s sustainable over the long term. The goal of these workshops is to help organizations uncover where they can improve quality, lower costs, and increase customer responsiveness. Working with the organization, BP maps the production process’s current state. Then, they help develop a future state that’s leaner and more efficient. Finally, they help the organization develop an action plan to get from one to the other.

Building Perspective has helped implement continuous improvement across a number of industries and business functions including Healthcare, Manufacturing, Engineering, R&D, Reverse Logistics, and Supply Chain, resulting in concrete gains in cost savings, market lead time improvements, and increased inventory turns.

We’re thrilled to be partnering with them now and in the future. You can learn more about them at







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