25 Reasons to Use a Specialized Recruiter for Your Next Hire

August 15, 2023

As a specialty recruitment agency, we spend a good amount of time talking about the benefits of using a recruiter. We’re biased of course. But we wouldn’t have spent 20 years in this arena if we weren’t passionate about it.

We believe that working with a true specialist agency is one of the most effective ways to bolster your hiring, for so many reasons. When you work with a specialist who truly understands the roles you’re trying to fill, who has built up a network over years, you can hire faster, more flexibly, more strategically, and with less risk.

Every day, Argentus’s recruiters have conversations with executives, VPs, and directors in our core specialties of supply chain management and procurement. Most of these leaders are having trouble hiring. It’s a tight job market. Some of them are getting candidates to the final stages, only to lose out to competing offers. Others are having roles sit open for months. Some of these leaders have worked with us (or another specialized recruitment agency) before, and know the benefits. Others haven’t. In the latter case, it’s a bit of a process of education.

So to that end, we’ve put together this infographic outlining 25 (yes, 25!) reasons to use a specialized recruitment agency for your next hire. These are the benefits that we want our clients to realize. It’s what gets us up in the morning. So we wanted to try to collect them all in one place.

Have a look!

This list of benefits is exhaustive (yet, hopefully, not too exhausting!). Every one of these entries represents some positive feedback that Argentus has received from a past client, or clients. You may agree, or disagree! Not all recruiters are created equal. But on our end, we work to help our clients realize these benefits every day.

If you have any immediate or upcoming hiring needs in supply chain management or procurement—or if you just have any of questions about how to realize these benefits—reach out to Argentus! Call 416-364-9919 or email


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