Month: September 2016

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How to Hire the Right Supply Chain Employee

This guest post was written by Frank Cavallaro, CEO of Fronetics Strategic Advisors. Fronetics is a boutique marketing firm focused on the logistics and supply chain industries. Today’s hiring managers in the supply chain face a number of challenges, so making the...

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NPR Map Highlights the Rise of the Logistics Industry

  Here’s a quick post to draw your attention to a cool infographic that illustrates the rise of Logistics. NPR’s Planet Money (a great economics and business podcast you should check out) recently put together a featurette about the most common jobs in the U.S....

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4 Characteristics of the Evolution of Supply Chain

Written by Alexa Cheater. This post first appeared on the Kinaxis industry blog, The 21st Century Supply Chain. It's Time for the Evolution of Supply Chain: Here are 4 Characteristics to Watch for with Supply Chain 2.0 The right product, at the right place, at the...

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