Build the Best Supply Chain Resume Ever – Climb the Supply Chain Even in Uncertain Times

March 28, 2011

Get credible advice to build a fabulous resume that will guarantee to get you noticed

So, you’re a Supply Chain Professional -Take heart, while the economy is sputtering along, you are in one of the most buoyant job sectors. Today’s technologies make it easy to respond to job postings – so what’s the problem? Why isn’t your resume getting the traction you thought it would. Where is your resume ending up? Volume of online responses often means your resume gets lost in cyberspace. How many times have you had no reply from a job that you thought was a perfect match for your skills and experience? Companies today are inundated with responses to their postings, which makes it difficult for them to efficiently mine the talent that is best suited to their needs.

So as soon as you start your search, the first thing you must do is look critically at your resume – it’s time for a complete re-write. “95% of resumes are just tired and boring” says Bronwen Hann Senior Partner, Argentus Search Group, a Specialty Search firm in Supply Chain & Procurement.

A resume is not a job description…far from it…a great resume should be an achievement based document, a sales sheet, something catchy which is going to get your resume to the top of the ‘to be interviewed’ pile. You might not be in sales but while you are looking for a job, you are in the ‘marketing yourself’ game, there is no mistaking that.

Employers are no longer interested in resumes that all look the same – they are looking for that something that differentiates. If you can’t put a document in front of an employer that is refreshingly different that everyone else, you are putting yourself at a decided disadvantage. A Supply Chain resume should be emphasising performance metrics and other quantifiable results that speak loudly to the reader.

By selling BENEFITS, BENEFITS, BENEFITS and what you bring to a company and what you have to offer an employer means you exponentially increase your chances of getting noticed ahead of everyone else applying for the same position. And, bringing an ROI perspective to your resume is very powerful. Make the leap for the potential employer – by putting them in the picture it will get you closer to that better supply chain position.

A great resume can be an extremely powerful tool and by most job seekers is still extremely underutilized.

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