Infographic: Key Skills for Supply Chain Leaders

September 11, 2018

Supply Chain Management has long flown under the radar, but in the past decade it’s begun to emerge as a vital and strategic business function, and one that’s changing rapidly. The rise of big data and end-to-end visibility, as well as increasing expectations and respect from business leaders, has rapidly transformed the function from a transactional and tactical one into a highly strategic competitive differentiator for companies.

Unsurprisingly, this has changed the skills profile that Supply Chain professionals need to succeed. And as a recruitment firm focused on Supply Chain and Logistics, we’re always interested in how the skills picture is evolving, especially at the leadership level where people are making decisions that can make or break entire brands.

Recently, we spoke with executive Caroline Lalonde about the Supply Chain talent picture within the cannabis industry. (If you haven’t read it yet, check it out. It’s full of insights well beyond cannabis). During the conversation, Caroline laid out her vision of the most important skills for today’s Supply Chain leaders. We thought her points were so well-developed that we decided to save them and turn them into an infographic, which we proudly present below!

Bio: Caroline Lalonde is a bilingual business leader with an intimate knowledge of the Canadian healthcare system, from end-to-end supply chain through to patient delivery. She’s spent 20 years in senior business development, marketing leadership, and advocacy, with a background in founding and leading a successful national distribution company.

We hope you found the infographic informative, and stay tuned to the Argentus blog in the coming weeks for more Infographics as well as insights from Carline Lalonde and other Supply Chain executives!


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